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Book Cover   Andrew Roxburgh McGhie’s latest book

“In The Footsteps of The Bard”.

To purchase this book, click here


     “In The Footsteps of The Bard” offers a pleasant insight into the author’s wit and charm.  While the world tends to think of Scotsman as dour, less than great communicators, and just possibly a bit less sensitive than we would prefer, McGhie provides a counterbalance to that view.  The rhymes are funny, personal, in some cases, endearing, and always entertaining.  Most were written for specific occasions, such as births, graduations, marriages, etc., and while that personal aspect may leave the reader on the outside looking in at times, the overall effect is to bear witness to the gentle, friendly touch of friendship.  It makes one aspire to some unknown place where such a rhyme could be written about the reader.  

     I have it on very good authority that the essential ingredient in all of these rhymes is even more enjoyable when delivered by the “Bard” (McGhie) himself, since his delivery adds to the scan.  But until the audio book can be delivered, “In The Footsteps of The Bard” would make a great addition to any home library.  It could also be an excellent resource for your own ‘events’.


Comments from other Reviewers:

"Inventive, warm, and funny, containing enough mischief to make the poems interesting"

Frances Laird, author of ‘Swan songs’


"Witty and wide-ranging--Ogden Nash, watch out!"

Helen Schenck, Princeton University Press


“Reading this delightful little book gives me an inferiority complex - how can an author be simultaneously so witty, creative and innovative?”

Alan G. MacDiarmid, Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 2000


‘He has an amazing ability to write humorous and occasional verse about any topic under the sun -- and perhaps beyond the sun as well!’

Dr. John Shea, editor of PennMedicine


‘I have been dipping into your book of poems at random and they are an awful lot of fun! Thanks for writing them.’

Prof. L.A.Girifalco, University Professor, U of PA


‘I read your book and it is really enjoyable’

Prof. Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Univ. of Akron, senior editor of ‘Polymer’


‘Undoubtedly "an experience unlike any other!" It was a big hit’

Prof. A.T. ‘Charlie’ Johnson, Dept. of Physics, U. of PA


A Wee Word about St. Patrick…


It's a little known fact that old St. Paddy

Started out life as a Scottish laddie

Till captured by pirates, taken to the Auld Sod

When he was only eight but there he found God

After being in France for many, many years

As Bishop of Ireland he then reappears

By founding monasteries and spreading the Word

It's no wonder that patron sainthood occurred

Now if you find this tale a little hard to take

A trip to Bonnie Scotland you should try to make

For in Old Kilpatrick near the churchyard bell

You'll find the real site of St. Patrick's well


Andrew Roxburgh McGhie 3.17.05


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