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Three of us sat in our kilts in a smoky bar in Audubon, PA.  We asked ourselves what it was Americans wanted from a kilt company.  Generally, Americans want 3 things… Speed, Price and Quality (for the price).  We started USA Kilts with this thought in mind and continue with it today.  We want to give people the chance to look good and express their culture without necessarily spending $500 + dollars to do it!  However, if they want an authentic wool kilt, we wanted to be able to provide that as well!


We, Kelly Stewart and Rocky Roeger, own the company that is located in Audubon, PA.  I helped to found the company in 2003 and Kelly came on as a partner in 2004.  Since then, the business has only grown.  I taught myself to sew after starting the business and Kelly came to USA Kilts with a background of sewing wedding gowns.  We both sew kilts from tartan material and our kilts have prices ranging from $110 to $550.  We generally use 2 types of material for our kilts: Poly Viscose and Wool.  Our Poly Viscose models are machine washable and are generally for the “casual kilt wearer”.  Our “Premier Line” of kilts on the other hand, are made from the finest wool in the UK.


We also carry accessories needed for a proper outing in a kilt such as sporrans, kilt pins, sgain dubhs, kilt hose, flashes, etc.


You can easily get a hold of us at our shop (2792 Egypt Rd, Audubon PA), on the phone (610.650.8725), out at festivals, online at or by coming out to the pub with us for a pint and some great Irish Music!


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